Our History

HPMD has a rich history of community.  From the very beginning our residents have come together to create a true sense of community through countless acts of service to one another and to the neighborhood at large.  Over the years various residents have acted as community historians and have compiled vast amounts of pictures, news clippings, even detailed hand-written record books, and so much more.  Much of this information is stored at the H.P. Community Center in photo albums and binders.  It is our hope to continually add to this history while also doing our part to remember and honor those who have made Harris Park what it is today.  

A Brief History of Harris Park Estates

Harris Park Estates was officially purchased by a developer and formed in 1954 making it the oldest development in Park County.  The community gets its name from Mr. Charles W. Harris who purchased and subsequently lived on this land in the very early 1900’s (US Land Office documents indicate the purchase(s) were between 1906 and 1913). At its formation in 1954, the community was initially planned as a weekend retreat area.  To this day, many properties in the vicinity are still used as summertime getaways for fishing and relaxing in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.

The first Water Board was formed in 1960 just prior to the completion of Lake #1 in 1962.  In the following years, Harris Park would grow into a community with several fishing venues, increasing numbers of full-time residents, and an active neighborhood association of volunteers.  Over several decades, Harris Park’s resources were managed by various Water Boards and Homeowners Associations.  In the early 2000’s the functioning HOA was, of necessity, absorbed into the newly formed governing body now known as the Harris Park Metropolitan District.

HPMD Timeline (to date 2020)