Welcome to the Harris Park Metropolitan District’s website!
We are a small mountain community located in the northeast corner of Park
County in the town of Bailey, Colorado.  Harris Park sits generally at an elevation of 8,852 feet and borders the Pike National Forest and the Mount Evans Wilderness area.

The purpose of our website is to keep Harris Park Estates residents, property owners, real estate agents, and other visitors informed of the latest news, business items, and events within our community.  If you are seeking information, please visit the FAQ tab before you make a phone call to the district.  We invite you to explore the site and feel free to contact us if you need any additional information not available here.

Harris Park Metropolitan District is a special district.*  At this time, Harris Park Metro District is primarily responsible for managing the water within its boundaries. The purpose of this page (and its accompanying pages) is to provide transparency to the voters within the district.

*Special Districts in Colorado are local governments, i.e., political subdivisions of the state, which make up a third level of government in the United States. (The federal and state governments are the other two levels.) Local governments include counties, municipalities (cities and towns), school districts, and other types of government entities such as “authorities” and “special districts.” -Colorado DOLA website

  • The District’s resources are overseen by a publicly elected Board of Directors, consisting of five citizens who own property or reside within the District’s boundaries.  In 2020 and 2022, Board members will serve three-year terms.  Beginning in 2023 Board members will serve four-year terms going forward.   Elections take place every two years in May.  The State Legislature approved changing local elections to odd years rather than even years.  The 2020 election has been cancelled.  There are 3 available seats and we have received 3 nominations, so these candidates will automatically be elected and sworn in at our May meeting (May 9, 2020)                         (2) 3-year seats – Jimmy Graham and Mercedes Sornsuwan.                     (1) 2-year seat – Buddy Kasulke.
  • The HPMD Board of Directors’ monthly meeting is the 2nd Saturday of every month at the Harris Park Community Center at 2154 Shelton Drive.  The meeting starts at 9:00 am.  All regular monthly meetings are open to the public.
  • Donations and Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated!!
    Please call Harris Park phone 303-816-7259 if you are interested.
  • The Community Center building is available for private party rentals     (Please refer to the “Forms” page for the application and agreement).
  • Our voluntary annual membership fee of $50 is used for repairs, maintenance and upkeep on our buildings and equipment, utilities, supplies, as well as community events.  Please consider giving $50 per year for Harris Park.


Please remember, it is against the law to feed the wildlife, if you have a block or feeder out, or feed the wildlife on a regular basis, you can be aiding the spreading of diseases such as chronic wasting disease.  Please refer to theResources” page to view the CPW Nuisance Wildlife Flier.  If you see a wildlife animal in danger or you desire to report an unlawful activity against our wildlife, please contact one of the following:
Scott Murdoch, CPW District Wildlife Manager:  303.514.4998
Colorado State Patrol:  303.239.4501 or *CSP from your phone.


Website redesign by Joe Steadman, and Gail Stokes, Harris Park Administrator; with input and suggestions from Harris Park Community members. July, 2019.