Emergency Awareness Program

Harris Park Metro District (HPMD) 
Emergency Awareness Program
Residents Helping Residents

Park County, Colorado Emergency Preparedness Program.  Click below for the official Park County Emergency Preparedness Guide.  This guide includes information on Fires, Extreme Weather, Epidemics/Pandemics, Crime, Terrorism, Diseases, Safety
and much more.

The HPMD Emergency Awareness Program recognizes and wishes to bring awareness to its community emergency situations such as Fire, Extreme Weather, Health Epidemics/Pandemics, Terrorism, Public Resources (see our “Public Resources” page), Neighborhood Watch, Red Code Program (see our “Alerts” page).  This page is updated frequently.



Can We Get Out Alive?                                                      

Play It Safe

Don’t Let Your Dreams Go Up in Smoke

Colorado Wildfire

Colorado Wildfire 7 easy steps

FIREWISE works in conjunction with Fire Adapted Bailey (FAB) https://www.fireadaptedbailey.org/ and Platte Canyon Fire Department (PCFD)  to help residents reduce risks from fires through property mitigation and the use of emergency green reflective address signs.  The mitigation program uses a five-step process to develop an action plan that guides residents in their risk reduction, while using local experts and local volunteers for the mitigation process.  The emergency green reflective address signs are the current preferred address signs from the Platte Canyon Fire Department.  The signs help PCFD and other first responders find you in the event of an emergency.  HPMD currently offers the green reflective address signs, custom with your address numbers at a nominal price. 
4 Common Myths of the Firewise
Myth 1:  Mitigating will leave you treeless.
Truth:  YOU choose which trees to remove or top, based on the recommendations.
Myth 2:  It is Expensive to Mitigate.
 Fire Wise is a volunteer program that for which everyone can receive the benefits.
Myth 3:  You have to cut down every tree.
Truth: You choose how to mitigate your property, everything is only a suggestion.
What Does It Mean to be A Firewise Community? https://www.fireadaptedbailey.org/firewise.html
Since 2002, The Firewise Communities/USA Recognition Program has empowered neighbors to work together in reducing their wildfire risk. Join the growing network of more than 1200 recognized Firewise communities across the nation taking action and ownership in preparing and protecting their homes against the threat of wildfire.
Communities develop an action plan that guides their residential risk reduction activities, while engaging and encouraging their neighbors to become active participants in building a safer place to live. Neighborhoods throughout the United States are embracing the benefits of becoming a recognized Fire Wise Community – and you can too!
READY, SET, GO!  http://www.wildlandfirersg.org/
Both Platte Canyon Fire District and Elk Creek Fire District (which covers several communities in North Park County) encourage all of us to know what to do in case a wildfire threatens our homes.

Register your phone number(s) at www.parkco.us (click on the Code RED® button on the right side of the home page) to receive emergency notifications. See our “Alerts” page for more information.

   Neighborhood Watch is a community based crime prevention program that is part of the Park County Sheriff’s Office. Neighborhood Watch Block Captains are individuals who take an active role in making their neighborhood safer.  The Block Captains receive specific crime and Neighborhood Watch information on a continuing basis from the Sheriff’s Office.  Likewise, the Sheriff’s Office receives information and inquiries from the Block Captains.  
The Block Captains also stay in contact with their neighbors to stay abreast of any incidents and/or suspicious activity that may occur in their neighborhood.  Although this may not guarantee that you will be protected from victimization, the coordinated effort with the Park County Sheriff’s Office will help reduce crime in our communities.

If you are interested in more information regarding the Neighborhood Watch Program or wish to set up a watch in your area, please contact the Park County Sheriff’s Office at (719) 836-2494.



                Reflective Address Markers are:
                    Highly visible day or night
              Reflective material on both sides
                           Fade Resistant
                        Pre-Drilled Holes

          $18 for numbered sign, post and hardware

                  Please complete application  attached.

911 Sign application