Harris Park Metropolitan District
c/o: CDMO; 1100 Johnson Rd., #17477, Golden, CO 80402
Facebook Page:  Harris Park Metropolitan District 
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email group, please email us at the above address. 
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Board President                            Steve Murphy                        
Term Expiration: 2027                   

Board Vice President                   Chris Martin                     303-838-2109  
Term Expiration: 2025            

Board Treasurer/Secretary         Mercedes Sornsuwan        720-763-5527
Term Expiration: 2027             

Director                            Beth Bratz                   352-427-5856      
Term Expiration: 2025                    

Director          Monique Bright         702-673-8619
Term Expiration: 2025             

District Admin.                          Cami Weinhold            720-209-0283      

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