We are always looking for volunteers!  You can volunteer as much or as little as your schedule allows.  Please complete the volunteer agreement on our “Forms” page.

HPMD is a dedicated group of community volunteers who are committed to repairing, maintaining and monitoring our lakes and pond by working with the Colorado Dam Safety, and the Division of Water Resources.
The committee recognizes our Water Reservoirs are our largest and most valuable resources; and HPMD is devoted to protecting and preserving the benefits of recreation, natural resources, and wildlife/wetlands habitat for future generations.  Presently the Committee is involved in the rehabilitation of Lake #1.  (Please visit “Our Lakes” page to find out more information).  The members are also researching the possibility of rehabilitating Tate Pond.  This dam failed in 1995.  Tate Pond and our water rights is scheduled to be abandoned in the Spring of 2020.  We sent a Letter of Argument to preserve our water rights for another 10 years.  They approved our request; so we are protected for another 10 years.

In May of 2018, HPMD was exposed to the Shooting Range fire which prompted a few residents to form a Firewise Committee. This Committee initiated the HPMD Emergency Awareness Program.  The purpose of the program is to help residents reduce risks from fires through property mitigation* and the use of emergency green reflective address signs.  The volunteers of this program work in conjunction with Fire Adapted Bailey (FAB) and Platte Canyon Fire Department (PCFD).  Since then, we have recognized that there additional Emergency scenarios, such as Extreme Weather, Health Epidemics, Terrorism, Public Resources, Neighborhood Watch, with many community members who wish to volunteer.   We are now working on the possibility of an annual Emergency Awareness Fair.

Please refer to our sub pages
“Emergency Awareness Program”  and “Public Resources” pages for more details..
*(Mitigation is defined as the removal of fuels around your house that can create increased heat and exposure to your home in the event of a fire).  

HPMD Recreation Committee is composed of volunteer community members who organize community activities and our annual children’s holiday parties.  Over the years, this committee has been credited for some of the most memorable activities in Harris Park.  Some of the events have been Easter egg hunts, bake sales, crafting days, Halloween parties,  Christmas Parties (with Santa of course!), our new “Taste of Harris Park” event and many more cherished memory-making experiences.  Please refer to the our “Calendar of Events,” and “Upcoming Events”  pages.

HPMD Breakfast Committee are those dedicated volunteers who prepare and serve delicious breakfasts for the community and others.  This is a wonderful way to meet your neighbors, and enjoy a meal.  Please see further details on our “Ongoing Events”  page, and join us!  

Volunteers are needed for implementing ideas on fund raising activities.  Help us to continue raising money for current projects, activities and events in our community.  The HPMD community  is precious and important to us with many valuable assets.  Please see more details on our page “Fundraising”.