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Please remember, it is against the law to feed the wildlife, if you have a block or feeder out, or feed the wildlife on a regular basis, you can be aiding the spreading of diseases such as chronic wasting disease.  Please refer to theResources” page for the website.  If you see a wildlife animal in danger or you desire to report an unlawful activity against our wildlife, please contact one of the following:
Scott Murdoch, CPW District Wildlife Manager:  303.514.4998
Colorado State Patrol:  303.239.4501 or *CSP from your phone.

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The Pike National Forest over the last 10+ years has become very popular and heavily used. In some areas of the forest dispersed target shooting has become dangerous. The National Forest Service taking the lead with other cooperating organizations formed the Southern Shooting Project -SSP – and are looking to establish at least one range in the three ranger districts within Pike National Forest; Pikes Peak, South Platte and South Park.  They are looking at closing some areas of the forest from dispersed target shooting due to heavy camping and other recreational use, fire hazard, nearby residential population, land and tree damage and other safety issues. The NFS proposal to establish formal designated target shooting ranges will help fill the void created by the closure.

 Currently the proposed projects are in the “scoping phase” where input is requested from all stakeholders; those who live in the areas, who target shoot in the areas and recreate in the areas.

 I am the designated county official that will be working with the SSP. Park County residents living in this area need to comment on the project and provide valuable input on the location options, the proposed designs, any potential safety issues with the location, and whatever else is important. Comments are due February 22 and will not be reviewed if sent in late.

 Please go to the links below.  It provides a description of the proposed projects, maps, conceptual designs, and other information.

Forest Service (