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Per  Ordinance 19-01, the Park County Sheriff and District Fire Chiefs are notifying all residents of Park County that they are required to obtain an outdoor burn permit for any outdoor burning.  Contact your local fire district to obtain a permit or to answer any questions.  Those of you that have already obtained a permit earlier in the year are required to update your permit.  There will be an annual permit fee of $10.00 for all individuals going forward.  Remember, burn permits must be purchased annually.

Platte Canyon Fire Protection District                   (303) 838-5853

Park County Sheriff’s Administration Office          (719) 836-2494

Thank you for your cooperation, Sheriff Tom McGraw


What is EPN (Reverse 911) (CodeRed)?

The Emergency Preparedness Network is a system that allows Park County to immediately notify citizens within a designated area of a current or potential life threatening event via their hard wired telephones.  Should the EPN be activated, a recorded voice message will be “launched” through Reverse 911 procedure by the Park County Communications Center.  This message will deliver precise information to the homes and businesses within the designated area.  Their system is also capable of delivering EPN messages via TTY for the hearing impaired.  If the system dials a residence and gets a voice, it gives a spoken message.  If it detects a TTY, it delivers a TTY message.  Please remember that when the system calls your phone, there will be a pause before the message will begin.  If you answer your phone and get no answer to your greeting, please wait on the line for a few seconds in case the system is waiting to provide information.

Register your phone number(s) at (click on the Code RED® button on the right side of the home page) to receive emergency notifications.

Here is the link to sign up: (highlight the link, copy and paste into your address bar).
or call:
Park County Communications Director 719-836-4115 for further questions.


A Red Flag Warning is a warning issued by the National Weather Service to advise firefighters that conditions are ideal for a wildfire to start and spread rapidly.  There are many factors that determine the application of a Red Flag Warning.  It could be a combination of the below and is not limited to the examples listed:

  • Dry conditions
  • Before the spring green up or after fall color
  • If the National Fire Danger Rating System (the Smokey the Bear signs that are throughout the county) is high to extreme AND
  • Sustained wind average of 15 mph or greater
  • Relative humidity is less than or equal to 25 percent
  • A temperature that is greater than 75 degrees F
  •                                   303-838-5853
  • When the conditions listed above are in effect and a Red Flag Warning is issued please be aware that there is no outdoor burning in Park County.  Please check with Platte Canyon Fire District for further information.