Our Lakes

Lake #1

As mandated by Colorado State Water Engineer’s Office and Colorado Dam Safety, Harris Park complete the rehabilitation of Lake #1.

Harris Bids that were due on May 31, 2019 have been rejected by the Harris Park Metro District Board of Directors, the Dam #1 Rehabilitation & the Flume/ Flow Measurement projects at this time.

Bids received where either over budget or not in compliance with the requested scope.

 HPMD is expected to reissue both RFP’s in the future with further clarifications and direction.                                   

Phase 1 (Completed): Meetings and communication the with Colorado Department of Water Resources, Colorado Dam Safety, Harris Park Board of Directors and Dam Committee. Project coordination, Project Review and Reservoir Analysis. ($1,950)

Phase 2 (Completed): Site visits, communication with Consulting Engineer, Colorado Department of Water Resources, Colorado Dam Safety, Harris Park Board of Directors, and the Dam Committee. Development of a water rights accounting spreadsheet to track the storage and release from the reservoirs. The spreadsheet will need updates once the automatic measurement devices have been installed (Phase 4). Installation of toe drains and monitoring at Reservoir #1, site visits. ($8,760)

Phase 3 (Completed): Survey of the area, excavation (to clean out sediment from downstream creek and to create a better slope downstream), weirs installed to assist with water flow measurement, video inspections of outlet pipe (to assess damage and repair) at Reservoir #1. ($6,465)

Phase 4  Repair of outlet pipe, installation of flume and slide gate, and installation of automatic water measuring devices and software. Permitting, construction, restoration, dewatering, drawdown. ($341,575) HPMD was successful in securing financial assistance from Park County Land and Water Trust Fund for Phase 4 for compliance with Colorado Water Engineer, Division 1, District 80 directive and Colorado Dam Safety. Rehabilitation of our lake will begin in the spring and summer of 2019 and anticipating completion by the end of 2019.


Lake #2 Completion Report

“During the period of September 15th through approximately December 6, 2016, Applegate Group, Inc. assisted the Harris Park Metropolitan District (HPMD) with construction observation for rehabilitation of the District’s Dam No. 2. The intent of the rehab is to address dam safety issues identified by the Colorado Division of Water Resources, State Engineer’s Office, Dam Safety Branch. Prior to construction, seepage was observed at the existing outlet discharge point, and also along the downstream toe of the existing dam embankment. Rehabilitation involved sliplining the existing outlet pipe, installation of a filter diaphragm around the lined outlet, and construction of a new toe drain system. The project also involved installation of a new slide gate and control, including a new staff gage. The project has been completed with general conformance to the approved plans and specifications.”                                                               January, 2017 Completion Report by:Steven A. Smith                                       Registered Professional Engineer                                                                        Applegate Group                                                                                                             Water Resource Advisors for the West                                                                   1490 W. 121st Ave., Suite 100 Denver, CO 80234                                   www.applegategroup.com

Flora Pond

Our small pond is close to the Community Center.  This pond is an ideal for children’s fishing.  Our annual Huck Finn Fishing Tournament is held at Flora Pond, and the pond is stocked for this event with larger fish.