Water & Sanitation

At one time, Harris Park had researched the possibility of providing full water and sanitation services, so we legally set up the “Water & Sanitation District”; however this was never pursued.  If, in the future, Harris Park should look into this further,
we already are registered legally as a Water & Sanitation District.

C.R.S. 32-1
(18) “Sanitation district” means a special district that provides for storm or sanitary sewers, or both, flood and surface drainage, treatment and disposal works and facilities, or solid waste disposal facilities or waste services, and all necessary or proper equipment and appurtenances incident thereto.(24) “Water and sanitation district” means a special district which provides both water district and sanitation district services.

(25) “Water district” means a special district which supplies water for domestic and other public and private purposes by any available means and provides all necessary or proper reservoirs, treatment works and facilities, equipment, and appurtenances incident thereto.

 Distribution of District Funds
Water & Sanitation funds come from property taxes and are managed and held by the HP Metro District.  Water & Sanitation funds are separate from all other funds.  These funds are used for the maintenance and repair of our lakes, wells; payment of utilities, required state fees and licenses, repair and maintenance of equipment, and supplies.

                                                          Lakes & Dams
The District has two lakes and one pond that currently hold water.  Lake #1 is the lower lake which is accessible from Bishop Rd and Park Rd.  Lake #2 is the upper Lake which is accessible from Park County Rd 47.  Flora Pond is located immediately next to the Fire Station and is accessible from Neal Rd.
  Please refer to the “Our Lakes” page for more information.

Wells & Toilet Facilities
The District has two (2) public wells, one by the Community Center and one on Bartimous Road between Sullivan Street and Brown Street, which has been closed for many years, due to contamination.  The Community Center well is for the use of Harris Park Metro District residents/property owners who have been designated with the security of a key.  Just recently, the Colorado Department of Public Health (CODPH) made the decision to change us from a community water system to a public water system.  With this change, the CODPH has required us to install a filtration system and to order us to chlorinated our water.  HPMD was able to get approval to disconnect our community center water from the well, and make it independent by installing a water holding tank in the building, so that the water for the community center building is now connected to the water holding tank.  Also the CODPH has ordered us to allow only 24 people access to the hydrant at the well.  An application process was made available to the HPMD residents and property owners.  From these applicants, 24 people will be chosen to receive keys to the hydrant.  Unfortunately the well must now be locked.  

 The Community Center well meter is read monthly and usage is announced at each monthly meeting.  As required by the CODPH, the water is tested on a semi monthly basis for coliforms.  The results are included in the monthly meetings.  Also required by the CODPH, the well is tested quarterly for nitrate content and every nine years for nitrite contents.  

The District has one year-round handicap portable restroom across from the Fire Station and Flora Pond on Neal Road.  Four additional portable restrooms potties are added for the summer months around – two at Lake 1, one at Lake 2, and one at the ball field, which is only accessible during events. (Bring your own T.P.!)