We extend our gratitude to all volunteers who help with maintenance, repair & improvements around our beautiful community.  These  volunteers give their time, effort, materials and use of personal equipment. 


Harris Park is applying for a recreational grant with Greater Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) to upgrade our playground area,  purchase new playground equipment for our children; and improvements/repairs to our Community Center. 

As part of the grant requirements, we must show them that we have a volunteer base. We are seeking individuals that will be willing to participate in the preparation and upgrade of our playground area and community center, and also to help in other areas, when needed.

We have attached the volunteer agreements, and hope that
many of you will complete the agreements and return them to us. 

This information will be available also on the Harris Park official Facebook page.  They may be returned by email, or by mail at the address below.  Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Volunteer Form – Adult -Playground Project
Volunteer Form – Minor -Playground Project


                                              Projects completed 
               2019                                                              2020
Community Center                                    Community Center
Inspect/hang fire extinguishers                Repair/Replace Plumbing     
   & smoke alarms                                         Repair two furnaces
Weather stripping around windows        Replace fixtures in kitchen &
Playground                                                         bathrooms
Replace seats on swings at                          Install ADA compliant toilets
   both playgrounds                                       Lake #1
Repair swing set frame at                            Rehabilitation of Dam #1
   Park Rd playground                                   Lake #2
Lake #1 Dam Area                                        Clean up shore – weeds
Clean up & weeds pulled                                 
Flora Pond                                                       
Clean out stilling pond                                  
2 Bay & 3-Bay Shop                                       
Disposal of Electronics
Clean inside of shop
Inspect/hang fire extinguishers
  & smoke alarms

                                               Ongoing Projects
                              (Help is always needed & appreciated)

Community Center                                   Playground
Handicap bathroom                                   With award of a grant,
Paint bathroom and entry walls                 new playground equipment
Oil wood walls                                                and update playground area
Repair ceiling                                              School Shelter 
Refinish floors or carpet                               Repair siding/roof
Weather strip doors                                       Paint inside & outside
Cover for exhaust fan                                Lake Areas
Install outside cameras                             Repair/replace large fishing signs
Chimney sweep                                           Weed & trim bushes & clean up
Repair fireplace                                           Install bollard at Flora Pond
Inspect/repair roof                                      2-Bay Shop    
Stain deck & railings                                  Clean up outside grounds      
install handicap ramp on                          Repair overhead door 
    back deck                                                  3-Bay Shop
Paint and repair outside                          Weatherstripping around overhead 
   Siding & doors                                           door
Replace lock on front door                      Repair flood light   
Remove payphone                                     Replace lock on side door
Clean up of outside grounds                    Side exhaust is charred/burnt 
Clean out crawlspace                                 Repair heater  
Landing Zone                                             Repair or install new thermostat
Clean up brush and area                           Clean up outside grounds
Unnecessary Equipment                        
  By rummage sale, private
      sale or disposal