Horse Corral

-Harris Park Horse Corral was established for the convenience of Harris Park residents who own a horse(s).  Our stables can accommodate six (6) horses at a time.  Currently, we are at our full capacity.  Anyone wishing to put a horse in the Corral must own or rent property in Harris Park Metropolitan District.  Homeowners and property owners will have priority over renters.  Horse owners must also be Community members (payment of annual community fee).  The Horse Commissioner must be contacted BEFORE any new horse is put in the Corral.  If there is an opening in the Corral, the horse owner must show proof of Community membership, Colorado Brand Inspection or proof of ownership, up to date veterinary records and a photo of the horse(s).  A blood test will be required if the horse is coming in from out of state.  Horses MUST be wormed prior to being put in the Corral.
Contact the Harris Park Horse Commissioner for further details and application:
Jamie LaNear 303-917-1948,