Another Montana gem, the Big Hole.

     Harris Park Metro District Fishing Application and Regulations
Regal Lake (Lake #1) is closed., and there is no fishing allowed.  Our repairs are completed; however as we are obliged to abide by the mandates of the Colorado Department of Water Resources,


Fishing Application 2021-22

Fishing Regulations Residents & Property Owners  2021-22

Fishing Regulations Vacation Property Owners

How to obtain a fishing badge:
Click on the link above titled “Fishing Application 2021-22.”  Complete, Print,
Mail the application with your payment. 
Forms are also available at the front of the Community Center Building.  Please remember that you need to pay your $50 Community Fee in order to get fishing badges.  Please allow 7-10 business days to process and receive your fishing badges.
Please make checks payable and mail to :
Harris Park Metro District, 2154 Shelton Dr. Bailey, CO 80421.
Any additional questions about fishing badges, or for an appointment, please call Administrator:  Gail Stokes at 303-838-5871.

  • All HPMD property owners/residents desiring fishing badges must first submit their yearly community fee of $50/property.  Fishing badges are available at a cost of $30/badge and are valid from May 1 – April 30 of the following year.  Up to 6 badges per household.
  • Non-property owners in HPMD may NOT fish in the HPMD lakes unless they are a guest of a HPMD property owner.  Property owners and their guests must all have, and carry, valid fishing badges while fishing.
  • You do NOT need a Colorado State fishing license to fish in HPMD.  You MUST have a HPMD fishing badge to fish in HPMD lakes.
  • All those who wish to fish MUST observe and abide by the HPMD Fishing Regulations.  Please click on the link above; read and then print the complete fishing regulations.
  • All of the lakes and ponds are the private property of HPMD.  These lakes
    are not open to the public.
  • Our lakes are stocked four (4) times during the summer:
    On each Monday before Memorial Day, Independence Day, the end
    of July, and Labor Day.  Lakes will be closed for that week for fish
    acclimation.  Signs are always posted.