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Harris Park Metropolitan District
2154 Shelton Drive, Bailey, CO 80421
303-816-7259 (Leave a message, we will get back to you).
Facebook Page:  Harris Park Estates       Email:  (If you wish to be added
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email group, please email us at the above address.  You will receive
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2018 District Mill Levy: 11.819      Ad Valorem Tax Revenue: $82,417

Board President                           Jimmy Graham                 720-244-2973      
Term Expiration: 2023                    

Board Vice President                   Elise Martin                     720-315-9174  
Term Expiration: 2022            

Board Treasurer/Secretary         Mercedes Sornsuwan        720-763-5527
Term Expiration: 2023            

Director                                        Buddy Kasulke                 303-838-4871
Term Expiration: 2023            

Director                                       Brian Gibson                    303-912-1194
Term Expiration: 2022          

 Admin/Bookkeeper                     Gail Stokes                      303-838-5871

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