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Fishing Badges and Community Fee Questions

Q. Does Harris Park have an HOA?

A. Not in the traditional sense. Please read the Home page tab under ‘Harris Park History’ to learn the history of Harris Park and why there is not a separate HOA. You can also find info in the link below about special districts. Harris Park Metropolitan District is a special district. The HPMD special district is a government entity primarily concerned with managing water within the district. HPMD does not manage the community like an HOA nor does it oversee any type of community rules or benefits. The HPMD board of directors does oversee recreational activities within the district as an HOA might otherwise do. Please see the ‘District Business’ tab to learn about the board of directors and other pertinent Special District information.  Special District link: http://www.sdaco.org/sites/default/files/special_district_a_brief_review_for_homeowners-1.pdf

Q: Does Harris Park have a compulsory HOA fee?

A: No. All fees are voluntary. (Note to Real Estate  Agents & Title Companies: Harris Park would never have a lien on a property because we do not have required fees of any kind.)

Q: What is the annual Harris Park VOLUNTARY community fee?

A: $50 per household. You must pay this $50 fee first in order to purchase fishing badges. This fee goes toward operating costs of the District such as community center propane (for heat), community center electricity, purchasing fish to stock the lakes, and much more. At one time this fee was a ‘membership’ fee to join the HOA. While there is no longer a functioning HOA, this fee has been kept as a means of generating revenue for the District. This fee does not provide your residence with any extra services like trash removal.

Q: What is the price of a fishing badge?

A: $30 per badge. Limit 6 badges per household.

Q: Do children need a fishing badge?

A: Every pole in the water requires a badge. Age does not matter.

Q: If I purchase a badge during the year, will it be prorated?

A: No. Fishing badges are good from May 1st to April 30th. You must purchase new badges each May.

Q: How do I purchase fishing badges?

A: Please visit the ‘Fishing’ tab of our website. You can print the pdf, fill it out, and mail it in. Or you can complete the pdf and submit online.

Q: I did not get the newsletter by early May. Why didn’t I receive a newsletter?

A: HPMD uses the Park County Assessor’s data to gather mailing addresses. Your newsletter will be mailed to the address on file with the Park County Assessor’s office.

In order to be more cost effective, we have begun sending electronic copies of the newsletter to email addresses on file.  If you do not receive a newsletter, either an electronic or hard copy, you can print one from the pdf on this website on the ‘Annual Newsletter’ tab.

Q: Is the community center available for rental?

A: Yes. It costs $50 to rent the community center for the day. You must pay your $50 community fee prior to renting the community center. Please contact the district administrator for details about community center rental at harrisparkinfo@gmail.com.

Q: Does the community center have regular business hours?

A: No. The community center is empty except when there are activities going on. The best way to reach the district is via email at harrisparkinfo@gmail.com or via phone.

Property, House, and Road Questions

Q: How do I get a key to my new mailbox?

A: Contact the US Postal Service.

Q: How does trash service work?

A: Contact a local trash company and arrange for service to your property. You are responsible for the cost of trash removal. Please note Harris Park is an area populated with bears- keep your trash secured until the day of trash removal. You are responsible for cleaning up your scattered trash due to animals or wind.

Q: Who is responsible to maintain the roads in Harris Park?

A: Park County Public Works Department. Please see the Page on this site called HP Roads. The HPMD sought public input regarding roads back in 2007. At that time Harris Park residents voted down a plan to raise taxes to pay for HP managed road maintenance. The HPMD board of directors hopes to seek public input on this same issue again in the coming years. In the meantime, Park County Public Works Department is responsible for the roads.

Q: I would like to keep livestock (horses, chickens, etc) on my property. What are the rules about livestock on property?

A: Harris Park is subject to Park County zoning as well as land use regulations. Please contact Park County for information about animals and required space. Harris Park does not have any rules separate from county rules.

Q: My neighbors have a bunch of junk piled up around their property. Will Harris Park Metro District force them to clean up their property?

A: No. Harris Park Metro does not have any jurisdiction regarding land usage. Please contact Park County.

Misc Topics

Q: Who do I talk to about boarding a horse at the community corral?

A: Contact the district administrator who can put you in touch with the horse commissioner.

Q: Does Harris Park own the cell phone tower called the Harris Park Tower?

A: No. This tower is located between the Deer Creek Valley Ranchos subdivision and Harris Park. It is privately owned and the individual who owns it has chosen to name it the Harris Park Tower. HPMD has no affiliation with or information about this cell tower.

Q: Who is in charge of Bingo in Harris Park?

A: Bingo is run by the Harris Park Volunteer Support Group. The HPVSP is composed of Harris Park residents and property owners who manage the funds generated from Bingo.  They have had the privilege of donating to many worthy causes within our community including our local elementary school and various charities. Bingo is held on Saturday evenings from May through end of August. There is a community potluck at 5:30 and Bingo is at 6:30.

Q: Who is in charge of the shooting range behind Harris Park?

A: The shooting range is located within Pike National Forest. Pike National Forest is managed by the US Forest Service. Any closures or issues with the shooting range should be directed to the Forest Service.

Q: Why is the road into the forest sometimes closed? (Road and gate behind Flora Pond)

A: Harris Park does not have any jurisdiction over the gate being open or closed. Please direct any questions about the gate and/or the road into the forest to the US Forest Service.

Q:  How can I obtain copies of Harris Park records?

A:  Under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), most public records are to be made available to the public.  Information can be requested by completing the attached CORA request.

CORA request form

Q:  Can personal vehicles/equipment vehicles be stored on Harris Park Property?

A:  Unfortunately no, because of liability reasons.  Personal vehicles/equipment must be parked/stored on resident’s property.  Harris Park does have the right to have personal vehicles/equipment removed from Harris Park property at the owner’s expense.