Water & Sanitation

                                                            Lakes & Dams

The District has two lakes and one pond that currently hold water. Lake #1 is the lower lake which is accessible from Bishop Rd and Park Rd. Lake #2 is the upper Lake which is accessible from Park County Rd 47. Flora Pond is located immediately next to the Fire Station and is accessible from Neal Rd.  See menu item “Our Lakes” for more information.

Wells & Toilet Facilities

The District has two (2) public wells, one by the Community Center and one on Bartimous Road between Sullivan Street and Brown Street, however, only the Community Center well is currently open. These wells are for the use of Harris Park Estates residents/property owners ONLY. Our well meters are read monthly, and usage is included in the monthly meetings.  The water is tested on a quarterly basis, and results are also included in the monthly meetings.

The District also has one year-round handicap portable restroom across from the Fire Station and Flora Pond on Neal Road. Three additional porta-potties are added for the summer months around Lakes 1 and 2. (Bring your own T.P.!)



HPMD Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Emergency Action Plan